Incumbents reign in Orlando commission races

Incumbents Jim Gray, Robert Stuart, and Regina Hill have each secured another term on the Orlando City Commission.

Gray and Hill were able to garner more than 62% and 74% of the vote, respectively.  

Stuart faced one of his toughest challenges yet from Nicolette Springer, but he will avoid a runoff having just cleared the threshold at 51% of the vote.  Springer earned a respectable 44% with Samuel Chambers pulling around 5%.   Stuart's District 3 includes Audubon Park, Baldwin Park, College Park, Park-Lake Highland, and Rosemont.

Voter turnout was relatively low for this off-year election cycle.  Just over 8% of registered voters participated in Gray's District 1 race while nearly 10% of registered voters cast their ballots in Hill's District 5.  

In Stuart's District 3, 21.23% of registered voters showed up for this highly publicized race including .77% who participated in early voting, 10.9% who voted by mail, and 9.56% who actually came to the polls to vote in person on Tuesday.