Seminole County's incoming superintendent talks masks in schools

The incoming superintendent of Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) sat down with FOX 35 News for the first time on Wednesday. 

While Serita Beamon is starting her new position during a challenging time, she is very familiar with all that has going on in the district and has been working for SCPS for the last 16 years as an attorney. 

Beamon said her first priority when she officially becomes superintendent is "making sure that we can open schools in August safely." 

On Tuesday night, about a dozen parents filled with emotion addressed the SCPS board letting them know how they feel about their children having to wear masks in school. 

"I demand you call to a vote that you end this disastrous mandate tonight," one mom said.   "It’s time you listen to the people that voted you in here…otherwise we’re voting you out," another added during the public comment period. 

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When asked if children will have to wear masks to school come the first day of class, on August 10, Beamon said she doesn’t know yet. 

"That is going to be part of the discussion the Re-opening Task Force.  They’re going to make recommendations. The board will listen to those recs in June. We’ll move forward communicating with our parents," Beamon added. 

The reopening task force will begin those discussions from June 1.

As a mother of two children in the district -- elementary school and middle school -- she said she understands why some parents are so upset about the mask rules. 

"I understand the frustration. These aren’t easy times.  Individual students have individual challenges. I get that," Beamon said.  

But ultimately, she understands that part of her job is keeping students and staff safe. 

"The board’s responsibility is to do what they believe is best for the entire community," Beamon said.

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