I-4 Express Lanes will operate toll-free through March 2

When the I-4 Express Lanes open on Saturday morning, drivers will get to test them out for free through March 2. After that, it's 50 cents per segment and $3 to $3.50 for the whole 21 miles stretch. 

You'll see the rates on the Express Lane signs. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) says there are 14 entrances and exit lanes from I-4. There are also several other places where there’s direct access from local roads.  

Of course, getting on is simple, however, what do we do when we want to get off? We took that question and many more to FDOT.

Where can I get off if I miss my exit? 

"You’ll have to look through the detailed map to see what makes sense for your route," said FDOT's Jessica Ottaviano. 

We looked at that map that Ottaviano recommends and discovered exits near Longwood, Downtown Orlando, or the Tourist District. There are even direct connections to the Turnpike and State Road 408.

If I’m going to a destination and I miss it, how far will I have to go to my next exit? 

"It’s not meant for drivers going from exit to exit. It’s meant for drivers to go a little bit longer distance. So there are exits that you’ll need to look and see if it makes sense for your route. And for some people, it may make sense if you’re going to Maitland to go a little bit further and then come back that way."

Will Express Lanes shift to one way during rush hour or both ways?

"Ours are Express Lanes… we actually have two dedicated lanes in each direction that go that direction all times of the day."

If I miss my exit can I make a U-turn? 

"You should not make a U-turn or ever stop on Express Lanes if you make a mistake. It’s important to just keep going, follow the signage and get off when it’s safe. Then you can pull over and navigate yourself where you need to go."

Drivers can’t wait to try it out.

Bernadette Crider says, "I’m so excited." 

Oliver Aoarcon agrees, adding, "Having Express Lanes is going to be pretty awesome, actually."

You need a transponder to use the Express Lanes. If you don't have one, you can face a $25 fine plus the toll. If you don't plan to use the new Express Lanes, you won't be charged. For more information go to www.I4express.com.

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