Husband shoots wife accidentally thinking she was an intruder

The Winter Garden Police Department says that on Wednesday night, officers responded to a shooting incident on Aurelius Drive. Both subjects, who were a couple, gave the same accounts to the incident.

They say that the couple told them that earlier in the night, the couple thought they heard an intruder in their residence and cleared it while being armed with a firearm. Once the residence appeared clear, they both went to bed for the night.

However, police say that about 45 minutes later, Allison Simmons went to the restroom due to not feeling well. She did so using her phone as a light to get around the residence. When done, Allison opened the door, waking Nathan Simmons, who through feat it was an intruder, shot Allison two times.

Officers say their initial investigation backs the information both individuals gave. 

Allison was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening wounds.