Hurricane Irma blamed for turning trees and bushes here brown

Those completely brown trees Brevard County residents have seen around the county are the result of "windburn" by Hurricane Irma, says Sally Scalera, an urban horticulture agent with University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

"Just the high winds themselves were really really strong," said Scalera,  "but then when it went on for hours and hours, it basically dried the leaves out."

Scalera says even trees with hearty leaves were affected.

"And now most of the plants are shedding the leaves completely, so we kind of had fall already," said Scalera. "And it wasn't a pretty one."

But Scalera says don't worry-- although some trees may look like they are dead, that's not the case.

"Healthy trees and plants can handle a defoliation once in a growing season and not be hurt," said Scalera. "But if you see brown stems and leaves, those are more tender plants, and not woody plants."