Hundreds of bikers surrounded vehicles in Orange, Seminole counties

Hundreds of reckless motorcyclists took over some streets in Orange and Seminole County on Sunday. The group was so large, all Seminole deputies could do, was separate regular drivers, to keep them safe.

"It was beyond shocking. It was nerve-racking at first." It was a swarm of bikers, that caught Brandon Morrisey and his father William off guard as they were driving on Alafaya Trail near UCF on Sunday afternoon. "We had a green light, and the next thing you know, a bunch of motorcycles started blowing through the red light. And we get caught in the middle of it." 

They say they were forced to run the red light as hundreds of bikers surrounded them. "Couldn’t really stop, they were running red lights and there were a couple of hundred behind us and if we were to stop, they were to hit us."

All they could do was continue driving and watch the antics outside. "Wheelies, burnouts, you name it."

William called 911, to warn Seminole deputies about the bikers heading that way.

A spokesperson with the Seminole Sheriff’s Office released this statement saying:

"We are aware of the incident that occurred on Sunday evening.  Deputies encountered the group on Red Bug and Tuskawilla traveling west.  The group consisted of numerous different vehicles, including motorcycles, dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, and other similar vehicles and some doing wheelies.  Deputies attempted to conduct a traffic stop, but they did not yield.  Instead, the deputies slowed down other motorists that were not involved to keep them separated from the group for their safety.  Then the group left the area.  This is the first time we are aware of this type of incident occurring in Seminole County.  We are working with other jurisdictions and will continue to monitor.  We ask the public should they encounter a group like this, to call 911 and not engage anyone in the group." 

William says, "Even with those 3 police cars there, had they tried to do something, those 3 officers could have been killed. These people are wearing masks, helmets, covering up their license plates." 

It’s not the first time bikers have taken over the road, back in 2019 a biker was arrested after he was accused of attacking a pregnant woman in Orange County. And over in Osceola County Sheriff Marcos Lopez said, "There’s a lot of moving citations that can be issued and a lot of them can be criminal. "

Sheriff Lopez said he cut down on biker activity in Osceola County, by having special operations just for that, using drones and helicopters. "We started targeting areas where we had the most complaints. If they were out on a Tuesday night, we’d have special units, tactical units, and unmarked units waiting."