Humpback whale sightings very active on Central Florida coast

Terry Clark loves whales. She has such an affinity, she spends many days on her Flagler Beach balcony, gazing through binoculars hoping to see one.

Clark is one of 200 volunteer whale spotters, helping Marineland along a 70-mile stretch of Florida coastline. Clark says 2019 is off to a rousing start, as she has spotted humpback whales just off the sand at Flagler Beach five out of the last six days.

“It’s a very active year at the ocean that we haven’t seen in almost two years” says Clark.

Marineland researchers are working with the Marine Resources Council to keep an eye on the whales. They are now receiving daily calls at a whale spotting hotline, 1-888-97-WHALE.

Clark says, “This is awesome news!”

Researchers say they’re not sure why there are so many humpback sightings right now or why they are showing themselves several months earlier than normal. Still, it is intriguing enough that they are studying the trend to figure it out.