How drivers can get reimbursed for I-4 Ultimate damage

The I-4 Ultimate construction project is costing drivers thousands of dollars in damage to their vehicles, but some drivers can receive money to pay to fix that damage. 

Drivers who believe their cars have been damaged due to construction activity can file a claim with the Florida Department of Transportation or the SGL Constructors, the company overseeing the project.

A form can be found on the I4 Ultimate project website or by clicking here.  But a FOX 35 investigation reveals most claims get denied.  

Construction began in the summer of 2015.   By mid-October 2016, there had been more than 100 claims for damage such as rebar stuck in a bumper, yellow road paint sprayed into wheel wheels, and rim and tire damage from pot holes. 

In all, drivers attempted to claim more than $71,000 in damage.  Only 23 percent of drivers who filed claims received any money.

SGL Constructors paid out approximately $16,000.  The company sent FOX 35 a statement that read in part: “At SGL Constructors, we have a very proactive protocol for public claims and we take all claims seriously, ensuring that each report is dealt with expeditiously and fairly so that we can make the correct determination in a timely manner.”