How Central Florida helped move Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine closer to approval

We could soon see a third vaccine in the fight against COVID-19.

Johnson & Johnson has officially applied for emergency use authorization for its vaccine. This comes as the first case of the new more contagious variant of the virus is confirmed in Orange County.

Thousands of people in Central Florida participated in the trials for the new vaccine and part of that clinical trial was conducted through AdventHealth.


They enrolled up to 45,000 adults from across Central Florida for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. That data is now being evaluated by the FDA.

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The Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine could soon be helping to vaccinate more Americans against the coronavirus. In U.S. trials, the company says the vaccine was about 72-percent effective at preventing moderate to severe illness. 

While it is not as effective as the two doses of the Moderna or the Pfizer vaccine, which have effective rates around 95-percent, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is only one shot and does not need to be stored in extreme cold.

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Once approved, it will be the third COVID-19 vaccine available for emergency use in the United States.

Now that Johnson & Johnson has applied for emergency use authorization for its vaccine, it will take one to two weeks to receive approval.

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