Houston Astros’ Carlos Correa marries Daniella Rodriguez in Punta Cana

Houston Astros player Carlos Correa and Daniella Rodriguez celebrated their marriage on Saturday in Punta Cana.

The couple officially tied the knot on November 11 at a courthouse in Houston. They decided to tie it all in with “the wedding of my dreams,” according to Daniella in an Instagram post.

Correa also took to Instagram to express the importance of the day.

“Best Night of our lives,” he said in the caption. “A moment that we will always cherish. Thank you to everybody that showed up to celebrate such a special night. I’m so happy and blessed to have found the love of my life.”

Correa proposed to Daniella in 2017 at the end of the World Series.


Congrats! Houston Astros’ Carlos Correa, Daniella Rodriguez married in Houston