Homeless man credited with saving cops at Port Authority Bus Terminal

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A man who lives at a homeless shelter in Brooklyn is being credited with possibly saving the lives of police officers at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

According to police, George Pugh noticed a man carrying a gun who said he wanted to shoot cops. Pugh then alerted some nearby officers who later arrested the man.

Identified as Hunter Taylor, 18, the suspect was allegedly rolling a joint in the main concourse of the bus terminal in Midtown Manhattan at about 3:50 p.m. on Wednesday.

Pugh reportedly wanted to buy marijuana from Taylor so he approached him.  That's when Taylor allegedly said he motioned toward a Port Authority cop and said, "I'd like to off that guy." 

He was arrested Wednesday afternoon after police found a loaded .38 caliber gun in a bag he was carrying.   He faces weapons and drugs charges and is accused of making a terroristic threat.