'Holiday miracle!' Florida toddler fully recovers after being on life support following near-drowning

A Florida toddler named Genesis will be spending Thanksgiving with her family after fully recovering from a near-drowning that left her clinging to life.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office calls the 14-month-old girl's recovery a holiday miracle. 

According to the sheriff's office, the toddler's mother, Vanessa, called for help after finding Genesis floating in the pool on Nov. 17.

"She was playing with her dollhouse, I turned around to make her some lunch, and she somehow found her way out the back door,” she said.

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The fence that normally surrounds their pool had reportedly been removed the day before so the pool could be serviced and cleaned.

"Her lips were purple, like she was completely lifeless,” she said. “I scooped her up out of the pool and I brought her inside, that’s when my mom and his mom both helped, they’re trained in CPR.”

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue crews arrived and took the child to the hospital. 

"The child was later flown to St. Joseph's Main-Children's Hospital where the child was in critical condition and on life support," the sheriff's office wrote on Facebook. 

"She was hooked up to machines and a whole bunch of wires and the nurses were only saying time will tell, time will tell," said her father, Mike.

A deputy visited the family on Monday with good news to report: Genesis had made a fully recovery! 

"Today, D3 Deputy Kerr Craige went back to the family's house to check on their welfare. He was thrilled to learn the baby who had almost drowned and had a poor prognosis is back at home and has now fully recovered. Holiday miracle! Give our deputies, HCFR and those doctors a ❤️ for saving her life!"

Her parents are both planning to take CPR classes and get Genesis enrolled in swim lessons. They also had alarms installed so they know if any doors in the house are opened.