HOA warns St. Cloud residents to remove signs supporting law enforcement

The Burgess Family has had their “Back the Blue” yard sign in their front yard since the tragedy that left two Kissimmee police officers shot and killed in the line of duty in August.

“We support the 'blue,' we back them, so we like to show that,” said Bryan Burgess. “We’re showing support for our local law enforcement, two have lost their lives in the line of duty I don’t think there’s an issue with it.”

Down the street, the Van Kirk Family comes from a law enforcement background, so backing the blue is in their blood.

“It's just about being supportive, of those that put their live on the line every day to protect me and my family," said Janet Van Kirk.

But now their HOA says no matter what the signs say, they have to go -- Burgess and dozens other residents who have the “back the blue” sign, received a letter from the Stevens Plantation Residential Owner’s Association calling the sign unauthorized and not in compliance the community’s governing documents.

“It’s frustrating, it’s not uglying up the house, I mean it’s just a sign,” Burgess said. 

“It's just disappointment because it's not like it's hurting anybody I just want to show my support that's all I just want to say thank you,” said Van Kirk.

The HOA did not return FOX 35’s calls for comment, but in the letter they state, “the primary purpose of a community association is to maintain and increase the value of each owner’s property, it is not the desire of the board of directors to impose hardship.”

Some neighbors now say they plan to put the signs in their window, and Burgess says his is staying up, for now.

“I plan on it staying there until I can go to the community meeting and talk to them about it,”

Other neighbors say they also plan to voice their concerns at their HOA meeting.