Hispanic community remembers Pulse victims

Hundreds of people turned out for a vigil on Friday evening, in memory of those who lost their lives at the Pulse nightclub.  With music and symbols of peace, members of the Hispanic community came together like never before.

Liza Minnelli Pacheco is from Puerto Rico. "Besides losing 23 Puerto Ricans, I also lost five good friends, so that's why I am here."

Flowers were placed on the stage to represent the 49 people who lost their lives. Liza says, "It means a lot especially with the Spanish community getting together and coming together its really touching."

Touching to see a sea of bicycles ride in memory of the Pulse victims.

"The victims were proud Puerto Ricans, proud Cubans, proud Dominicans, proud Colombians, proud Mexicans and many other heritages," Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer told the crowd.  The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President,  Diana Bolivar says, the Hispanic community needs to grieve as one. "We're in mourning and felt this was important to highlight or Hispanic culture.  This is a wake up call for any community I never thought we'd see our community in the same list as the Boston bombing, Sandy Hook."

But through tragedy new connections are created. 8 survivors from the Boston Marathon Bombing also took the stage.  Mayor Dyer says, "After the Boston Marathon bombing they were so grateful for the support from all over the world, they're here because they want to show a similar expression of support to the people of Orlando."

People of all ages turned out. Norma Munoz is only five years old. Her mother Angelique Munoz says, "She knows were here for a good reason. To support and pray for the victims and the families that have lost their lives and are in the hospital." Liza agrees, "I don't feel the lost their lives in vein I feel they brough all these people together. In spite of everything harmful this is something beautiful."

And the mayor thanked the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and other Hispanic organizations for coming together to help the community during this difficult time.