High school band trailer stolen

Caught on camera: A thief taking a trailer used by a high school band. 

The truck pulled it right out of the parking lot. 

All their fundraising efforts to get the trailer – down the drain. 

Spruce Creek High School surveillance cameras caught the moment someone drove off with the trailer this weekend.

It was used to carry instruments and equipment for the school’s 185-person marching band.

“They’re stealing from kids. That's the way I look at it. They're stealing from kids,” said Spruce Creek High School Band Director Robert Bosma. 

The $8,500 trailer is less than a month old. 

It’s so new, it still had temporary plates and wasn’t even wrapped with the school’s logo yet. 

“I think it's discouraging. We have a concert coming up this Tuesday.” 

The good news is that with football season over, Bosma had no plans to use the trailer until March. 

They still have their own trailer, but there's some rusting and the doors don't open and close very well.

Bosma wants people to call the school, or Port Orange Police if they see a 28-foot white Anvil trailer with a temporary tag CHV-2827 because fundraising again is no easy task. 

“It's unfortunate because these students and their parents work so hard to fundraise for this program. For someone to steal that from these students, it hurts,” he said.

School officials are hoping that they find the trailer and the person who took it, but if not, they really want to raise money to get a new one by next fall.