'He's never going to be free again': Mother of accused murderer speaks to FOX 35 News

Anthea Nunn woke up Tuesday morning praying it wasn’t real.  

"He probably woke up this morning, just like me, wondering if it was a bad dream, or it, you know wishing it was a bad dream," Nunn said.  

Her youngest child, Alexander Acs, 33, is being held at the Orange County Jail facing murder and carjacking charges.  

"He's probably never going to be let out of prison ever again, and he's never going to be free again," she said.

Orange County deputies arrested Acs Sunday for a carjacking at the corner of Texas and Americana where they say he slashed his victim.  

While questioning him about that crime, investigators said Acs volunteered that he was in town to find his ex-girlfriend, then confessed to murdering a man inside the Palmetto at East Mill Apartments and led them to the body. 

"I can't even wrap my head… I can't even comprehend this," Nunn said.   

Acs has a lengthy criminal history that includes some violent crimes, which Nunn says is fueled by drugs.   

According to Nunn, her son had gotten out of prison in June and was clean for months.  

She shared a picture of her son from a family trip in July.  

"Alex not on drugs is like loving, carefree, funny, wants to joke around all the time, loves his nieces and nephews," Nunn said.   

She says Nunn met his ex-girlfriend in August. They broke up in December.  

Investigators say the "ex" pressed charges against Acs in Hillsborough County.  

Nunn says that wasn’t the end of it.  

"And, she would not talk to him, then she would talk to him," Nunn said.   

Deputies say while Acs was in town to find his ex, he killed the man he was staying with so that he could steal the man’s gun.  

According to his arrest affidavit, Acs tied the victim up with a phone charging cable and stuffed a sock in his mouth in order to muffle any screams, then beat him to death with a piece of asphalt. 

Nunn says she is heartbroken, and she feels for the victim’s family.  

"We're still praying for them. And, we don't condone any crime," Nunn said.

Acs was scheduled to make his first appearance before a judge Tuesday afternoon. 

A jail spokesperson tells FOX 35 News the judge postponed that first appearance until Wednesday at 1 p.m.

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