Harry Potter fans can take online classes at Hogwarts, including classes on spells and the Dark Arts

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A website is giving those who missed out on their chance to attend school at Harry Potter's Hogwarts a chance to take courses that dive into the wizarding world online.

HogwartsIsHere.com was built by a group of Harry Potter fans, the website says. It features a "fully-functioning Hogwarts" where fans can join together, participate in online courses, earn House points, and more.

For example, courses that fans include but are not limited to:

  • Charms: Covers wizarding laws and wandlore, including basic spells and the components within spells.
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts: An exploration of what the Dark Arts are, some basic defensive and offensive spells, and creature rankings.
  • History of Magic: A history of the wizarding world, including the origins of Magic and ancient Egyptian priests.
  • Potions: An introduction to potions and pioneering, basic theory, and safety and fundamental potions.

The website also features a library filled with stories and textbooks written by HogwartsIsHere.com members. For example, there is a textbook on 'Potions For Beginners,' a book on 'The Rise of Grindelwald,' and stories of 'Fire & Ice.'

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HogwartsIsHere.com members can also chat together in a forum on the website.

Visit the HogwartsIsHere.com for more information.