Halloween drinking allowed on some downtown Orlando streets

Local businesses are trying to make up for losses they suffered during the pandemic. This weekend, the City of Orlando is offering a helping hand as people go out to celebrate Halloween.

Officials are allowing people to carry alcohol on some city streets.

Halloween in downtown Orlando can bring out the crowds, but with the COVID-19 pandemic still a big issue, Orlando's police chief says the city's leaders decided street drinking can keep partiers from being packed in the bars.

"Come up with a plan that would allow people to actually come out to the streets instead of being inside of the establishment if they're there and old enough to drink," said Chief Orlando Rolon.

Downtown bar owners are hoping for a big turnout, but say they don't know if this Halloween will bring more treats -- or more tricks.

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"It’s always a humungous night and we’ve always asked the city to help us along with it because it’s just chaos. We really don’t know what to expect this year," bar owner Aaron Dudek told FOX 35 News.

Police say starting at 9 p.m. on Saturday, they'll block the streets from Church Street north to Washington Street, and from Garland Avenue east to Magnolia, so people can have fun and stay socially distant.

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"Stress, stress, stress the importance of people understanding they have got to do their part to make sure they protect themselves and others in the process as they go to any setting that draws a lot of people."

The chief says officers, deputies, and city workers will be on the street in force keeping a close eye on the party.

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