Guns taken from patrol car stolen from deputy

Orange County sheriff's deputies say one of their undercover vehicles was stolen with guns and ammunition inside.

Investigators say one of their narcotics deputies drives the car, and he had parked it in a back parking lot at Fun Spot America Saturday, only to discover it had been taken around 9:30 that night.  Thirty minutes later, deputies found it about a half-mile away, ditched at the Artegon Market on International Drive. 

Everything inside was stolen.  Investigators say the thief got away with the undercover deputy’s three guns --  a department issued submachine gun; a Smith and Wesson pistol; and his personal .40 caliber Glock 27. 

The Sheriff's Office says thieves also took ammunition, two magazines, the deputy's badge, his tactical vest and two of his shirts with the word narcotics printed on them.

Now, there are two investigations: one to figure out who stole the undercover narcotics deputy's car and the other into whether the deputy followed policy on properly securing his car and his weapons.