'Gruesome' photos from crash turn out to be jelly

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The Nebraska State Patrol shared photos to their Facebook page of what appeared to be the aftermath of a very gruesome crash.

Don't worry, though: turns out the stuff that looks like blood is actually just jelly.

According to the Facebook post, a car hauler and a truck carrying peanut butter and jelly ended up crashing on Sunday near Chappell, Nebraska on Interstate 80.

At first glance, the photos make "for a gruesome-looking scene, but we promise nobody was hurt. That is just jelly. Lots of jelly."

The jelly was also reportedly strawberry, which added to the gore factor. The post was shared over 2,000 times and commenters couldn't help but make jokes.

"Don't send a wrecker. Send in The Bread Truck!" wrote Quona Newman Fron. 

McKenzey McKay Ramirez had some advice for viewers after he was fooled.

"Do not look at the pics before reading lol 😂 I thought that was a serious fatality accident.🙁"