Grand jury hearing case against former Dallas officer Amber Guyger

The criminal case against a fired Dallas police officer who shot and killed her neighbor is now being presented to a Dallas County grand jury.

Former officer Amber Guyger is charged with manslaughter for the shooting death of Botham Jean, who was fatally shot in his own apartment in early September by Guyger. She told investigators she mistakenly entered Jean's apartment and mistook him for a burglar in her own home.

Grand jury proceedings are secret, so the details and evidence being presented by the Dallas County District Attorney will not be made public until the grand jury finishes its review, which began Monday. Guyger could be indicted for manslaughter, face an upgraded charge of murder or be cleared of any potential charges.

The attorneys for Botham Jean's family said Monday are hopeful for the maximum charge.

"This is an indictment that is highly anticipated by an international community,” said Jean family attorney Lee Merritt.

Among the people seen at the courthouse on Monday were Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson and members of the Jean family. Jean's mother was called into the grand jury to testify.

"They do have information that is probative on the days that Botham was killed because they were one of the last people to speak with him,” Merritt said.

The family's attorneys say they want the grand jury to get all the facts.

"This officer was able to find her keys, she was able to locater her car. She was able to locate the direction back to her apartment complex, but somehow she couldn't find her apartment. And these are answers, I think that the grand jury is going to want to know,” said Jean family attorney Daryl Washington.

The minister at the church where Botham Jean sang is offering spiritual guidance for the family as they await a decision.

"Botham was someone who loved everybody, he loved people. He had a Christ like attitude, displayed Christ everywhere he would go, but Botham is someone who would ask for and would demand justice in a case like this,” said Dallas West Church Minister Sammie Berry.

Attorney Peter Lesser, who is not involved in the case says the grand jury has plenty of options on the bale.

"The question is, is there probable cause to believe that an offense has been committed. I think clearly the answer is yes. What offense, that's another question,” Lesser said.

Merritt said the grand jury’s decision is important for Dallas County.

"Not only is his family anticipating, but the world is watching,” Merritt said.

An announcement of charges could come as soon as Wednesday.