Government shutdown impacting space industry

As the government shut-down continues, the impacts on our Space Coast are appearing all over.  

Dr. Ken Kremer runs a website,, where space enthusiasts can get near real time information about missions like the fly-by of object Ultimate Thule and Osiris Rex. But since the government shut-down, NASA's information sharing, its website - benched.

“This shutdown is a total disaster and what we need is for the politicians to come together, reach across the aisle, work something out, because nothings happening,” Kremer told FOX 35.

And the private space space sector is experiencing problems too. Head of Space X Elon Musk tweeted that the land-mark launch of the Dragon Crew capsule, Demo 1, planned for Jan. 17 is now looking at mid February. The Falcon 9 rocket that went vertical last week is now back on its side. Federal personnel necessary for the launch might not be back in time.

Beyond the launch pad, the shutdown is hitting the dinner table.At the Hummingbird Food Pantry, there are two impacts from the shut-down. The regular donors and volunteers might not be able to be so generous right now, and, for the thousands of NASA families who might be struggling, if they come with a letter showing that they’re on furlough, they can get food.

Ken Kremer isn't hungry for food, he’s hungry for intel. And 2019 was supposed to be a banner year for space, Dr. Kremer says this feels like a false start.

“This is absolutely a critical hour,” Dr. Kremer said.