Good Samaritan Village hurricane victims moved to another hotel

Around 50-60 residents from Good Samaritan Village in Kissimmee were transferred to yet another, hotel after their homes were damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Ian. 

Good Samaritan residents head to the Westgate Towers on buses. 

Resident Lizzy Torres says, "I’m just trying to be positive every way I can." 

For many, it’s the third place they’ve stayed since Hurricane Ian him putting many of their homes underwater. "3 shelters, that was kind of rough, but I’m alive." 

Resident Assya Gulaid said, "I lost everything, I have nothing. How am I going to replace it?"

The Senior Resource Alliance, Osceola Emergency Management, FEMA, and other agencies are working to help the hurricane victims as a group.

Karla Radka of the Senior Resource Alliance says, "The benefits is that they are under one village with their friends, with systems in place, with meals in place, with healthcare, with entertainment, with wellness workshops."

Assya says, "I have a roof, but how long. What’s next for me?"

Lizzy refuses to let this get her down, "I’m tired, we need to continue. I find my strength in God."

Officials aren’t sure how long residents will be staying at the Westgate Towers. Officials say businesses can decide to opt-out when they want to.