Good Samaritan helps in deadly, fiery crash

Steve Honeyager and his family were settling in for the night on Thursday,  when they heard a loud crash. They ran outside.  

"It looked like a movie. It looked like a movie set. there was just stuff everywhere. Things were on fire, here and there," Honeyager said.  "Terrible!"

As emergency crews showed up, Honeyager grabbed his fire extinguisher and ran toward the flames of a red Camero. A man was trapped inside.

"His engine compartment was on fire, so I extinguished it and the other guys pulled him out," he explained.

Deputies say the driver of the red Camero was heading north on Spring Garden Avenue and smashed into the side of a pick up driven by 73-year-old Joel Baker. Baker was driving his 11-year-old grandson, Alex, home from a bible study.  Despite the efforts, Baker and his grandson both died at the scene.

Baker was a volunteer Lieutenant Fire Fighter with the Volusia County Fire Department.  Family members said he and Alex had a special bond.  Those who were there said this was so emotional and upsetting, they hope they will never have to witness something like this again.

Honeyager said, "You see the flame, you try not to think about it. Because it's, you know, someone's son, grandson and terrible. just absolutely terrible."