George W. Bush hands Michelle Obama piece of candy at funeral for George H.W. Bush

In a touching gesture at the funeral for his father, George W. Bush took time to hand former first lady Michelle Obama a piece of candy in a moment reminiscent of their time at the funeral for Sen. John McCain.

The sweet exchange happened as the Bush family entered the National Cathedral on Wednesday for the funeral services of former president George H.W. Bush.

As former president George W. Bush entered the church, he stopped to shake hands with President Donald Trump, first lady Melania Trump, former presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, and former first ladies Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and Rosalynn Carter.

While shaking hands with Michelle Obama, George W. Bush is spotted handing her what appears to be a piece of candy. The two made headlines during McCain’s funeral as the former president was seen slipping the former first lady a cough drop.

Watch the moment in the video player above.