Gainesville Police officers 'devastated' after memorial stone for fallen officer destroyed

It was a shocking and unsettling sight near Gainesville High School Friday, where more than 20 years ago, Officer Scott Baird was killed in the line of duty. His memorial stone was discovered not only knocked over but destroyed.

"Our only officer killed in the line of duty that we do not have resolution on and then to have something like this happen, it’s truly been a devastating day here for folks at GPD," said Gainesville Police Department public information officer Graham Glover.

Officer Baird was killed 20 years ago, trying to remove a batting cage out of what’s now named Officer Scott Baird Boulevard. The batting cage was there likely as part of a high school prank.

Gainesville Police say it was a foggy morning, and a young distracted driver hit the cage and Officer Baird.

"We tried to find those responsible for it but for 20 years, no one has come forward to claim responsibility for what they did to take the life of this officer," said Glover.

The memorial stone was placed nearby just a few years after that.

Gainesville Police, family, and friends honored the 20th anniversary of Officer Baird’s death just a month ago.

"The significance of it, the attachment that that stone has to the Baird family. His mom who is an officer here now at GPD, became an officer because of her son, they are all just dumbfounded, and it’s just been a huge blow to them."

The officer’s brother has created this fundraiser to buy a new memorial stone so Scott Baird’s memory can live on.