Fundraiser held for boy who survived an accidental gunshot to the head

A community is uniting to put a smile back on the face of a local boy who survived a horrible accident.

Ethan Walker is thrilled to be palling around with Batman, but the truth is: he's lucky to be alive.

Dana Walker, Ethan's mom, says that "Ethan was outside, playing in the truck like he always does and the world collapsed around me. I heard screaming and couldn't figure out what was going on."

Ethan had a gun in the door pocket of his grandfather's truck. It went off, shooting him in the head.

Daniel Thibodeua, a paramedic, was one of the first responders. He said that "it was nerve-wracking, for sure. We were able to get him ready, packaged, and flown out to Arnold Palmer."

The incident occurred three yera ago and after many surgeries, his mother says that Ethan is beating the odds. "They thought he'd need a stomach feeding tube, but he was eating chips the day after," Dana said.

Daniel helped organize a fundraiser fo Ethan at Brews N' Blues in Saint Cloud. The money they reaise will help with Ethan's mounting medical bills.

Brian Fisher of Brews N' Blue says that "we're just trying to raise money for the family. Doesn't matter how much it is, anything would be helpful."

Dana says that she is so grateful. "It makes me very happy -- I have no words for the support. Never expected anything like this," she said.