Fun Spot America increasing cleaning, still open despite coronavirus pandemic

Fun Spot America said it is currently open for business despite mega theme parks like Disney and Universal announcing closures next week as a precaution to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus.

“We’re taking everything on a day-to-day basis,” said Fun Spot America Vice President of Marketing John Chidester.

He said Fun Spot employees are doing more frequent cleaning and disinfection throughout the amusement park to keep guests safe.

Chidester said staff installed additional 70 percent alcohol-based hand sanitizer stations throughout the park near high-touch points like food stands and ticketing areas.

Team members are also being briefed and trained on the latest guidelines every day.

Chidester said Fun Spot officials are staying in close contact with health officials in case they need to change their plans or temporarily close.

Several people visited Fun Spot America’s Orlando location on Friday armed with wipes and hand sanitizer to keep themselves germ-free.

“We have our hand sanitizer, our handi-wipes, so we’re OK,” said Brenda Chang, who drove down from Jacksonville with her two grandchildren.

She said she is not concerned about the coronavirus. “I shouldn’t panic. All I have to do is stay clean.”

Porsha Threatt said she is not concerned either.

Her family just got back from a four-day cruise to the Bahamas and spent the day at Fun Spot.

She said good hygiene is her defense.

“On Carnival’s ship, they were checking temperatures every day. Every time we would go in and out of a restaurant or a building, hand sanitizer. Every time we touch a plate, hand sanitizer... Taking two or three baths on the cruise,” she said.