FOX's new show 'The Real Dirty Dancing' and original 1987 movie inspires dancers decades later

FOX's newest series is not afraid to get down and dirty. 

"The Real Dirty Dancing" debuted Tuesday night with celebrities competing to be crowned "Johnny" and "Baby." 

It is in reference to the iconic 80s flick starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. 

FOX 35 is giving you an inside look at what it takes to move just like the movie’s romantic duo. 

To understand why "Dirty Dancing" is such a cultural phenomenon, FOX 35 decided to hit the dance studio.

The classic 1987 movie is 35 years old and still has its grip on dancers everywhere.

"That is one of the most-watched movies in my household, I think, especially when I was a kid," said Victoria Alonso, who lives in Lake Mary.

Now, FOX’s "The Real Dirty Dancing" hopes to bring back all those nostalgic dancing vibes. 

The owner of La Imperial Dance studio in Lake Mary says he still has students coming in asking to learn the movie’s classic moves.

"She goes like, ‘I just want to wear the same dress, the same routine.’ I’m like, ‘Sure, let’s do it.’ And we did it. Guess what? Came out really nice," said La Imperial Dance studio owner Vard Margaryan. 

Full Sail University entertainment business professor Reid Nicholson helped produce a dance instruction video starring Patrick Swayze and his mother back in the 80s. 

He says "Dirty Dancing" sticks with women because of the main character "Baby."

"It was a girl who girls could relate to, who were in their teens in the awkward years, and they didn’t feel comfortable with themselves. And having the handsome man recognize them for who they are and how strong they are," Nicholson said. 

Then, there’s that iconic moment: The lift! 

It’s still copied today, even right here in Lake Mary. 

"We had this one lift that he had to lift me over his head. I was praying he did not drop me in the water."

FOX 35 reporter Lara Greenberg was praying too when the studio owner tried a similar lift with this ballroom newbie, satisfying "Dirty Dancing" dreams everywhere.