FOX 35 helps find owner of gun found at school bus stop

A gun was found at a school bus stop in Palm Coast. 

FOX 35 News reports on law enforcement incidents all the time in the news business, but on Friday, our news crew helped crack the case.  It all started with a photograph of the snub-nosed .38 pistol lying on the blacktop at the bus stop.

The person who posted it wrote, "I found your loaded gun at a school bus stop this morning... You can go pick it up at the sheriff's office." 

A FOX 35 News crew visited the neighborhood trying to talk with people about the matter. That's when we met a very shocked Michelle Morton who told us that she was the owner of the gun. 

"Yeah," she said, "that's the school bus and that's where it was found. So yeah, I'm more than emotional."

Morton said she always kept it with her for protection. 

"We were running with the puppies so it must have fell out and not known it," she said. "When we got home we searched everywhere, I mean everywhere!"

Morton said it's lucky the gun ended up in the right hands. 

"I was just grateful that the right person found it, you know? Not a kid."

FOX 35 News connected Morton with the Sheriff's Office so they could sort everything out. She said, from now on, it will always be safe in her purse, and she has a message for the person who found it.

"Thank you so very much! I can't even express words, beyond thankful!"

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