FOX Super 6 player wins $10K during ‘The Masked Singer’ season 5 premiere

FOX Bet Super 6

In celebration of season 5 of "The Masked Singer," which premiered Wednesday on FOX, fans are given the chance weekly to predict six questions related to each week’s episode on the FOX Super 6 app — and this week’s winner won a whopping $10,000.

Questions included, "Which character’s performance will make the panel laugh?" and "Who is going to be unmasked in the season premiere?" Only 19% of participants got that question correct and chose "Snail" as the contestant to be sent home.

Getting all six answers correct increases a participant’s chance of winning, but since the prize drawing is random, even one correct guess gives players a chance to win the big bucks.

Anita, the winner of Wednesday's contest, resides in Abilene, Texas, and only correctly guessed two answers. She currently works as a physical therapy technician for an assisted living center.

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According to FOX Bet, she had the FOX Super 6 app for the last couple of months and said that she plays all the contests with her boyfriend. While she admitted to only seeing one episode of "The Masked Singer," she was "overjoyed with the news that she had won $10,000."

Anita revealed that she is currently going through a divorce, and plans to use the prize money to pay some bills.

Nearly 228,000 people entered the contest, and 2,074 participants guessed all six questions correctly. There were 111 winners: 1 player (Anita) won $10,000, 10 players won $500 and 100 players won $50.

On Wednesday night’s premiere of "The Masked Singer," fans were absolutely shocked at who turned out to be under the mask. Kermit the Frog may have been slow as the Snail, but he was smooth in his rendition of "You Make My Dreams (Come True)" by Hall and Oates. Robin Thicke was almost convinced it could be Seth MacFarlane underneath the costume. Ken Jeong thought it could be Jay Leno, considering Kermit’s iconic squeaky voice.

Viewers can enter the free-to-play FOX Super 6 game for a chance to win $20,000 each week, and users who enter the sweepstakes every week will receive an extra entry into a grand prize sweepstakes for $100,000. Learn more about the FOX Super 6 game here.

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