FOX Beat: Bryan Cranston at DC premiere of 'Trumbo'

In today's FOX Beat, FOX 5’s Kevin McCarthy got to chat with Bryan Cranston at the D.C. premiere of 'Trumbo.' Based on a true story, Cranston plays, Dalton Trumbo, a Hollywood moviemaker blacklisted for his political beliefs.

Cranston said he smoked herbal cigarettes on set to simulate Trumbo’s chain smoking habit.

He also said that, after this filming is done, he misses characters like 'Trumbo.' "If do you your job right, you grow such an attachment to these characters that you own part of them," he said. "They have come into your being, and you've shared things with them and they with you, and so there is a weaning process when you finish a film or play and it's sometimes easier to let go and sometimes it's extremely hard."

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