FOX 35 Exclusive: Pit bulls terrorizing Oviedo neighborhood kill cat, neighbors say

Two dogs terrorizing an Oviedo neighborhood have killed a cat. Neighbors say this isn’t the first time the dogs have come after their pets, and they want the attacks to stop. 

"I was more mad than anything," said Jennifer Wiggins. 

The Wiggins’ home surveillance cameras showed the two dogs coming into their yard and grabbing the family cat. Clio, the blind and deaf 18-year-old cat, was killed in the attack.  

An Oviedo police report reveals that two pit bulls jumped a fence down the street and found the cat. The video was hard for the family to bear. 

"More than anything, seeing my 20-year-old son that grew up with the cat devastated," Kevin Wiggins said. 

Neighbor Ken Busker believes the same dogs attacked his dog Cooper twice earlier this year. The second time, his daughter caught the attack on camera. 

Ken’s fence touches the property where police believe the dogs are coming from. 

"There’s a chain-link fence down here on their side. The [dogs] managed to get onto the chain-link and come over. They came over this fence the second time," Ken Busker said. 

Ken has built what he calls a "franken-fence" to keep the dogs in the neighboring yard out.

"Darn near everyone in this neighborhood has dogs," Busker said. "A lot of people have little dogs. I fear for them walking their dogs because of what these two are capable of and the fact that this family has been completely unresponsive to do anything about it."

FOX 35 went to the home the neighbors pointed to as where the dogs belong. A man who answered the door told us he doesn’t know anything about the attacks. 

Seminole County Animal Control is investigating a total of four incidents believed to involve the dogs at that home. 

"Which would be multiple violations of off the leash, attacking another animal and killing another animal," said Seminole County Director of Emergency Management Animal Services Division Alan Harris. "Public safety hazard, absolutely."

Animal services is reviewing evidence, including the video surveillance to confirm if the same dogs are the ones attacking these animals. 

If so, they will take appropriate actions toward the dogs and their owners.