Four Seasons Orlando responds after baby's viral TikTok breaks the internet: 'More to come'

A baby excited to visit the Four Seasons Orlando has taken the internet by storm in the past week – and now, the resort is teasing a possible reunion!

It all started when Stefanie O'Brien posted a video on TikTok asking her family, "Who wants to go to the Four Seasons Orlando?" 

O'Brien's niece, clearly excited to visit the Walt Disney World Resort, raises her hand and says, "Me!" 

The 8-second clip on O'Brien's TikTok account has amassed over 41 million views since it was posted – and that's not including the hundreds and hundreds of remakes and memes that have also garnered millions and millions of views. 

Included in the viral memes stemming from O'Brien's TikTok are people wondering what all the fuss about the resort is. 

Tyson Nales, the assistant director of rooms at the Four Seasons Orlando, made an appearance on FOX 35's Good Day Orlando on Wednesday and answered that question for everyone wondering. 

"Well, I mean, I think the video is just proof, right, that there's something here for all ages. We are a resort that is for kids for all ages, kids as young in the baby in the video," Nales said, adding that there's something for everybody. The resort offers an award-winning golf course, a splash pad for kids and an adults-only pool, to name a few amenities. 

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Nales said it's been an exciting week at the Four Seasons Orlando, thanks to all the buzz from the mega-viral video. They've even been able to get in contact with O'Brien and her family. 

"They've stayed with us before, of course. They love the resort. Obviously, the baby loves the resort. They're big fans. So they've spoken with us and we're looking forward to welcoming them back in the future. So stay tuned, so, more to come," Nales said. 

"Oh good, I hope we're going to see more videos," Good Day Orlando's Amy Kaufeldt replied. 

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In fact, the resort already made a TikTok of their own! A slew of employees are seen jumping around the resort to the sound of the viral baby saying "Me!" and welcoming the baby as the resort's newest ambassador. 

"Our team sprung into action to work with our team here on property and with the company at large to see what we can do to partner with the family and see how we could further this and see what we could do with it moving forward. So it's been an exciting, exciting week," Nales said. 

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Now, the internet is just waiting to see what the Four Seasons Orlando has in store for the viral baby! 

Kaufeldt suggested a boujee diaper-changing station in the room they stay in. 

"That's a great idea," Nales replied.