Florida governor Ron DeSantis proposes $2 billion in tax breaks

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has unveiled a budget proposal that includes $2 billion dollars in tax relief for the state’s consumers. The proposal includes 16 items. 

Some of them would be permanent tax cuts on things like baby clothes, cribs, strollers, and pet meds. Others are one-year exemptions on things like children's books, toys, toothbrushes, and toothpaste.

Shoppers gave us their takes on the proposal. "I mean it's putting more money into taxpayers' pockets. The list you just read there, it's all working-class, they need more money," said shopper Ed Huth.

"It's a lot of talk to get a lot of attention," said shopper Jennifer Foglia, "so I don't really put a lot of faith or strength in anything the governor says."

This tax relief is all part of the governor's proposed budget. The Republican leaders in the state house and senate both say they're behind the plan. At a news conference at an Ocala appliance store, the governor said this relief was focused on families. "So we think if you're a family that is commuting and qualifying for our toll-relief program and some of these other things, we think a typical family may be saving over a thousand dollars with all this tax package," DeSantis said.

Democrats agree tax relief is good, but there's more the governor can do to help the state's working families. "We see a huge disparity in Florida when it comes to corporate tax breaks compared to consumer tax breaks," said Orlando democratic Fl. Rep. Anna Eskamani, "so one of the additional steps we should take is to close corporate tax loopholes to ensure that everyone pays their fair share, so there are more dollars that go into public services."