Florida's deadline to register to vote is Monday

The Orange County Supervisor of Elections Office has special hours Saturday, Oct. 3, ahead of Monday’s deadline to register to vote.

The office, located at 119 West Kaley Street, will be open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to allow people extra time to register and update their information.

“For those who can’t get down here during the week day, and they want to make sure it’s done. They want to see their record and verify everything is up to do this is the time to do it and be ready for the general election,” said Supervisor of Elections Bill Cowles.

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Cowles said having your signature up to date is important as it’s what is used for your ID when you mail in your ballot. They use what’s on file to verify it matches.

“So for those who have not had a chance to register to vote or they want to update their voter registration or they want to update their signature to make sure it matches their signature on their vote by mail,” he said.

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The deadline to register to vote is Monday.