Florida woman shares unconventional way of keeping track of animals during hurricanes

Need to keep track of your animals during a storm? One Florida woman is sharing her tips on keeping track of her horses – but this trick isn't reserved for just animals with four hooves. 

Jenifer Robinson shaves her phone number into the horses' coats just in case they get lost during a storm. In photos shared from last year ahead of Hurricane Ian, Robinson's horses could be seen with a 10-digit number shaved onto them. 

The woman from Citronelle also puts a reflective collar around the horses. 

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Photo: Jenifer Robinson

The American Veterinary Medical Association lists this as a precautionary measure for keeping track of livestock during disasters. Animal owners can also use crayon, non-toxic, non-water-soluble spray paint, or non-water-soluble markers to write on the animal's side. Permanent marker can also be used to mark their hooves. 

Photo: Jenifer Robinson

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