Florida woman reunites with 'hero' deputy who comforted her during childhood tragedy

A Florida woman got the chance to reunite with a Walton County deputy who provided comfort during a childhood tragedy nearly two decades ago. 

In May, Sierra Miller, 25, and a mother of three, emailed the Walton County Sheriff's Office hoping to connect with a "certain deputy", the subject line read. 

To her surprise, the recipient of the email, Sergeant Jennifer Fannin, turned out to be the very deputy she had been searching for.

Credit: Walton County Sheriff's Office

In the email, Miller explained that in 2005, she and her family were desperately trying to evacuate Walton County ahead of a hurricane when the unthinkable happened.  

In a tragic accident, her father ran over her baby brother, Christopher. Amid the chaos and grief, a female deputy comforted the terrified 6-year-old Sierra, who had hidden inside the house in fear. 

The memory of this deputy's kindness stayed with her for nearly two decades.

Credit: Walton County Sheriff's Office

"The comfort and kindness she showed me I have not come across again in my lifetime. I was hoping if I sent this email, you could perhaps help me find her. I would like to thank her if she’s still with WCSO," Miller wrote. "It’s taking me a long, long time to heal emotionally and mentally from what happened."

Sgt. Fannin and Miller tearfully reunited at the sheriff's office.

Credit: Walton County Sheriff's Office

"The job of a deputy sheriff is one where, sometimes, you meet people where they are. Whether it's good, bad, sad, or tragic," the Walton County Sheriff's Office said in a Facebook post. On every interaction, there's a chance to leave a lasting impression."