Florida woman finds iguana in toilet, tries to flush it

A Florida woman was surprised to find an unexpected stranger inside of her toilet. 

Michelle Bennett said she was startled to find an iguana in her toilet as she lifted the lid!

"I was getting up, I put my glasses on, turned on the light…and I threw the lid back down!"

She says she tried flushing it, but, the iguana was too big and kept crawling back out.

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A trapper was called to the Hollywood home who identified the creature as a Mexican spiny-tailed iguana. They come in through vents in the roof. 

The trapper says he gets several calls like this every month.

"They get curious when they're up there. They see a vent, they fall in. There's no way for them to come out so they just follow it until it ends up in the toilet."

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The trapper arranged sticks on the toilet to give the iguana something to hold on to and was able to remove the unwelcome visitor. 

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