Florida woman wearing 'police' jacket accused of robbing man inside his home

From left to right mugshot shows: Kayla Berlinski, 31, and James Rohrer, 28 | Credit: Lake County Sheriffs Office

A Florida woman sporting a ‘police’ jacket and her accomplice were arrested after they robbed a man inside his Lake County home, deputies said. 

The incident happened on May 12 when a man was found zip-tied and lying on the floor of his home by his neighbor. 

The man told deputies the two suspects, a man and a woman, had stolen his tablet, phone, handgun, and money. He also told deputies the woman arrived at his home wearing a ‘police’ jacket. 

He said he recognized the woman because she had previously helped him clean his house, but he did not recognize the man. 

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During the investigation, deputies identified 31-year-old Kayla Berlinksi and 28-year-old James Rohrer as the suspects.

On May 13, Berlinski was arrested for armed home invasion, kidnapping, grand theft of a firearm, and personating a law enforcement officer. 

On May 28, Rohrer was arrested for armed home invasion, kidnapping, and grand theft of a firearm.