Florida Primary Election 2022: Last weekend for early voting

Voters head to the polls on Tuesday for Florida's Primary Election, but if you're hoping to beat those lines, Saturday may be your last chance to vote early.

Early voting ends in Orange and Osceola counties on Sunday. 

Orange County Elections Supervisor Bill Cowles encourages all Democrats, Republicans, and Independent voters to cast their ballots.

"With two days to go, I hope that people will come out and vote. In 2018, we did 44,000-plus voters," Cowles said. "So again, this election's very important to our community. We're voting a lot of elected officials on the Tuesday election."

If you're registered to vote in any other county, your last chance to vote is Saturday. 

Democrats, Republicans and non-party affiliation are all encouraged to come out to the polls and cast their ballots. For partisan contests, Democrats and Republicans can vote for their party's candidates, but all registered voters including registered independents, can vote on important non-partisan candidates and issues. 

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Cowles says they've so far seen fewer people voting early, compared to previous years.

"Is it because of redistricting and people are in different districts, and they don't know who the candidates are?" asks Cowles, "Is it because there's no Republican governor's primary? So we're looking at all the different ways. But again, it's not too late to vote in this election."

Voters say it was quick and easy. They say everyone registered to vote should show-up. 

"That is a privilege for citizens," said voter Pablo Valentin, "and I use my privilege."

In Orange and Osceola counties, early voting on Saturday and Sunday starts at 9 a.m. and goes until 7 p.m. But those times are different for Saturday and some of the other counties, so be sure and check your local election supervisors website. 

"I would say get down here," said voter Sheila Heath, "there isn't a long line."

For a complete guide to the election, including your polling location, check out our Florida Primary Election Voters' Guide 2022.