Florida power company gave $1 million to pro-Bush super PA

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) - The largest Florida corporate donor to a super political action committee backing former Gov. Jeb Bush's presidential run is NextEra Energy Inc. It owns utility giant Florida Power & Light.

In 2009, more than two years after leaving office, Bush penned an opinion piece urging regulators to approve the utility's proposed rate increase for Florida customers. Bush wrote in the Tallahassee Democrat: "With power, the cash registers open and close."

Now, the publicly traded, Fortune 200 company is opening its own coffers to support Right to Rise. NextEra contributed more than $1 million this year.

For Bush, NextEra's contributions could raise questions about how his support for the company factored into its financial support of him; whether he would face conflicts as president should the company undergo federal regulatory scrutiny.

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