Florida mayor urges residents to wear a mask when grocery shopping

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The Mayor of Oviedo is urging residents to wear a mask when going to the grocery store.

Mayor Megan Sladek posted a video announcing the recommendation on Facebook. She said that after speaking with Seminole County's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Husty and Donald Walsh from the Health Department, she wanted to share the new public health initiative.

"If you have a mask, wear it when you go to the grocery store," she said. "What the professionals are saying, what the people who are watching coronavirus spread and following every study, everything we can do to stop it, they say that the very best thing we can do -- well not the very best thing, social distant, that's it! But, we all have to go to the grocery store. The grocery store is quite possibly the germiest, most unsafe place a person can go. If you go, wear your thingy."

Mayor Sladek shows off her homemade mask in the video, which she said she sewed and is made of six-by-nine pieces of cloth. If you can't make a mask, she also said that a bandana tightly tied is better than nothing.

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"This mask will not keep you from getting the corona. This mask will, however, keep your cooties from getting all over the fruit, the veggies, the cans, and everything at the grocery store," she added. "When you go to the grocery, please only touch what you are going to put in your cart. Don't go feel every tomato, no no no, we're not doing that anymore."

She also advised that you be assertive at the grocery store and encourage those around to keep six-feet of distance between each other.

Other tips she urged residents to follow are to wash your hands, do not return items, and to shop alone.

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