Florida man shoots python attacking his goat

A python looking for a meal slithered onto the wrong Florida property.

A Naples man, who owns a pest control business that includes nuisance animal removal, says one of the goats from his small farm went missing, so the family began to search the yard. Scott Dame says it was his 10-year-old grandson who first spotted the python tightly wrapped around the family's missing goat, with the goat's head in its mouth.

Dame, who had a gun, fired shots at the snake until it released the animal. Then, he held the snake down with his boot and fired a few more shots at it from his handgun, killing the snake.

Unfortunately, the goat did not survive. "I tried to save the goat but it was too late," Dame told FOX 13. "We were all sad about the goats but at least it won't get any more," he said.

The snake was more than 12 feet long, he said, and over 120 pounds. He said he notified Florida Fish and Wildlife officers of what happened and then disposed of the snake himself.

This is the second goat the snake killed in the past three weeks, he pointed out.

The family has a small farm because of their grandchildren, who love all the animals.  There are seven goats, one horse, two baby pigs, seven chickens and some ducks, Dame said.

He's owned Dame Pest Solutions since 1987.

"Although I have dealt with a lot of snakes over the years, I never expected this huge exotic snake in my own yard," he added.