Florida man faces murder charge after failed suicide pact, police say

The survivor of an apparent murder-suicide pact has been charged with his girlfriend’s death, officials said.

Alec Almanzar, 23, fatally shot Ayadalis Chalas, 21, at the Hot Shot Shooting Range in Holly Hill on Oct. 7, police said.

The pair went to the shooting range and rented a 9mm Glock handgun from the business that afternoon, Holly Hill police Lt. Chris Yates told The Daytona Beach News-Journal.

"Basically, they just put their heads together and he shot into her head," Yates said on Thursday. "The bullet went through her head into his head."

Yates said a suicide note wasn’t found.

According to surveillance video from the shooting range, the couple asked for two targets and obtained eye and ear protection and a box of ammunition before heading to the shooting lanes.

A camera recorded Almanzar talking to Chalas as he loaded the firearm and then fired at the targets one at a time.

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He then positioned himself so the right side of his head was touching the left side of Chalas’ head, the newspaper reported. He pointed the gun and pulled the trigger. But the gun misfired.

After checking the gun, he then fired three shots at the target before firing at Chalas’ head as his head touched hers, police said.

Chalas was dead when rescue workers arrived. Almanzar was sitting in a chair with a compress on his head.

After he was released from the hospital on Dec. 15, Almanzar went with his family to New York. He was extradited back to Florida to face second-degree murder charges, Yates said.

"They knew that the charges were coming down," Yates told the newspaper. "Now he is back in our custody and will be facing the charges."

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