Florida man accused of shooting into homes in Osceola County neighorhood

A man accused of opening fire in a residential neighborhood is behind bars.

According to Sheriff Marcos Lopez, Abílio Medina, 32, was high on drugs when he was arrested and taken into custody on November 22.

"He gets a firearm out and starts shooting in his neighborhood toward houses," Sheriff Lopez said. "Is he crazy, doesn’t he realize he could kill somebody?"

In a video captured by a neighbor, deputies can be seen with their guns drawn as they ordered Medina to his knees on Suwannee Avenue. According to reports, neighbors said Medina was firing a gun toward houses.

"I heard a loud boom, and I thought it was a firecracker. Then, I heard a ‘Bam! Bam! Bam!’ again. Then the next thing, there was cops here barricading the area," explained neighbor Tina Watson. "I’m glad everyone’s safe; I’m glad nobody got hurt in the process."

Abilio Medina, 32, is facing almost two dozen charges for the alleged incidents that deputies said happened on November 22.

Another neighbor, Henry Alfaro, said it is not the first time he’s heard gunfire coming from Medina’s home.

"The last time there was like maybe like four [gunshots]," said Alfaro. "But before that, I heard they had a different one because it was like a machine gun."

Alfaro said the shootings concern him, and he’s hopeful they will stop, following Medina’s arrest.

According to reports, deputies searched Medina’s house. They found handguns and ammo, as well as two pounds of marijuana and two pounds of mushrooms.

"After he was arrested, we arrested him, he had pounds of marijuana and pounds of mushrooms, now we know why he was tripping," said Sheriff Lopez. "That’s illegal, Mr. Abílio. We don’t do that here in Osceola County."

Watson, a retired corrections officer, said she wasn’t shocked by the news.

"That doesn’t surprise me with the high activity that goes on at that house," said Watson. "Cars in and out all the time. It could be three in the morning, could be one in the afternoon, all day long cars are out there, parking on the side, going in, coming out, leaving."

In addition to drugs and weapons, deputies also found exotic reptiles (dead and alive) inside Medina’s home. According to a report, there were turtles, snakes, and bearded dragons.

Medina now faces close to two dozen charges. His bond is set at $57,500.