Florida man accused of killing wife found in West Virginia

A "murder mystery" surrounding a burning truck in Brevard County has been resolved, according to the Brevard County Sheriff's Office. 

Sheriff Wayne Ivey, on Friday, revealed details of a bizarre case involving the alleged killing of a wife by her husband, who then fled the state. Months after the crime, authorities tracked down the accused killer to West Virginia, where he had purchased a house.

The victim, Amber Renee Estep, 39, was found deceased in the woods earlier in the year. Following her disappearance, reported by her mother, deputies worked to reconstruct the events leading to the 39-year-old's demise. Sheriff Ivey stated that Amber's husband had misled investigators from the outset and subsequently fled Florida, but his story eventually unraveled.

Brian Estep, the husband, has been charged with first-degree premeditated murder and tampering with evidence relating to a capital felony. According to Sheriff Ivey, Estep set his truck on fire a day after Amber's body was discovered in January. Estep claimed they had an argument, and he dropped Amber off on the side of Interstate 95, but investigators said there were inconsistencies in his account.

"Despite Brian Estep's fabricated alibi, his attempts to destroy crucial evidence, and the evil in his heart, our BCSO agents and crime scene investigators were able to directly connect him with Amber's murder so that justice can be served," Sheriff Ivey said.

Following an interview with detectives, Estep fled his home in Titusville and sought refuge in West Virginia. Working in collaboration with law enforcement in West Virginia, detectives orchestrated his arrest this week, and he is currently held without bond.

Amber sustained severe head trauma and multiple gunshot wounds. West Virginia detectives are conducting a search of Estep's home for further evidence relevant to the investigation. Estep is slated to be extradited to Florida to face charges in the coming days.