Florida heat wave: These are the hours you should avoid being outdoors

The brutal heat wave happening this week across Central Florida is dangerous for people of all ages, but especially older people. 

Brevard County deputies found an elderly couple dead in a ditch this week and believe the heat was their cause of death. It's an important reminder to try and stay safe during summer-like temperatures. 

Triple digit ‘feels like’ temperatures will stick around on Friday and it will be even hotter on Saturday. Temperatures could soar to 100-degrees with a heat index of about 110.  So it’s important that everyone be aware of the warning signs that your body needs to cool down. 

Some common tips include staying hydrated, lathering on sunscreen and wearing loose-fitting clothing. 

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A physician with HCA Florida University Hospital says anyone used to exercising outdoors should really opt for a gym indoors since this summer-type heat is responsible for most injuries. 


"The most important sign and the first sign that usually happens is muscle cramping, heat cramps. That is how it first starts off. This can progress to heat exhaustion, higher body temps to 101 to 104." 

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After that a person could go into a heat stroke which is where a person can experience confusion, a stroke or kidney failure. 

The hottest hours are between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. so experts advise staying inside if you can and avoid taking your pets for long walks at that time, especially on asphalt or concrete.