Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on leak of Supreme Court draft opinion: 'A significant breach of trust'

Gov. Ron DeSantis said the apparent leak of a draft Supreme Court majority opinion that suggests the Court could overturn Roe v. Wade was "unprecedented" and "a significant breach of trust."

"It’s a mistake to read the federal Constitution to completely prohibit any pro-life protections. That’s not consistent with the text history structure," Gov. DeSantis said in response to a reporter's question following a press conference Tuesday afternoon in Fort Myers, Florida.

"I will say though to have that leak out the way it did was really unprecedented and I think it was really an attack on a lot of the Justices. I think it was an intentional thing to try to whip up a lot of the public, to try to make it political, potentially try to bully them into changing one of their positions. That’s not something that’s appropriate for the judicial branch," he said.

Chief Justice John Roberts confirmed the authenticity of the draft opinion on Tuesday, which was first reported by Politico on Monday night, and ordered an investigation to find out who leaked the document to the media outlet. He also said that the opinion was not the official opinion of the court. It's widely understood that a Court's ruling is not official until it is announced.

"I know they launched an investigation. They need to figure out who did that and they need to hold them accountable. Because that’s a real significant breach of trust. You want to talk about an insurrection, that’s a judicial insurrection to be taking that out and trying to kneecap a potential majority through extra-constitutional means. I was really surprised to see that," DeSantis said.