Florida gas prices dropping: How low it's expected to go

Gas prices are slowly inching down across the country and it's an encouraging trend for drivers.

FOX 35 visited an Orlando gas station on Tuesday and saw prices at $3.31 a gallon. Prices could dip even more, experts said, potentially hitting $3 a gallon by Christmas.

They explained that there are a number of reasons why consumers are seeing the drop in prices at the pump.

For instance, AAA said that the price of crude oil has continued to fall since Thanksgiving. The average price per galloon dropped by four cents since last week.

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"Crude oil prices have plummeted. They are down as much as 15 percent. What that means is that it is less expensive to produce gasoline. We could be looking at a gas price drop anywhere from 20 to potentially 30 cents. That could play out over the course of a couple of weeks," Mark Jenkins of AAA said.

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